2017 International Selection announced!

We have been amazed with the number and quality of the international submissions we received, and sometimes making “the right choice” has been difficult, but we are happy, and proud to include the following works as the international selection of the film festival, to be shown on 19-20 October 2017 at the Queen Salote Memorial Hall in Nuku’alofa:

*Short features*
 MARIA by Jeremiah Tauamiti (NZ/ Samoa)
 I HAVE CURLS by Maria Vai (NZ/ Tonga) 
 WAITING by Amberley Jo Aumua (NZ) 
 BOY AND BIRD by Anonymous (NZ/ Samoa) 
 TWO STEPS BEHIND by Onehou Strickland (NZ/ Samoa) 
 *Short documentaries*
 PŪTAHI KOTAHITANGA by Are Raimbault (French Polynesia)
 SOUTHSIDE RISE : BEHIND THE SHOW by Simulata Pope (NZ/ Tonga)
 LADY EVA by Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson and Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu (Hawai’i/ Tonga)
 MY GARDEN, NO LONGER by Scott Schimmel (Hawai’i/ Vanuatu) 
 WEAVING THE FUTURE by Isack Hoppitt (Aus/ Samoa)
 THE MACAW PROJECT by Cintia Garai (Hungary/ Peru)
 FAREWELL, GODDESS by Amit Agarwal (India)
 *And for an exclusive, invite only premiere, the long feature*
 SOMEWHERE IN TONGA by Florian Schewe (Germany/ Tonga)

 We won’t receive and announce the local Tongan entries until later, but we are proud and grateful to be able to present our audience in Nuku’alofa with a diversity of film genres and themes : the environment, LGBTIQ+ issues, art, culture, identity, and more, mostly from the South Pacific, although we opened up to entries from beyond the ocean for documentaries we felt resonate strongly. We are also proud to include students and established professionals side by side, to support their work and encourage the Tongan youth to follow their path.
More info will follow shortly, and hopefully the programme will meet the (high!) expectations of our public as well as our own!

Published by Homingaway

French, I have called home a number of countries and now I live in Tonga, South Pacific. When I'm not at school, I'm the cofounder and secretary of the Nuku'alofa Film Festival, a co-admin of the Seleka art group/ youth initiative, and try to find time to work on some personal projects in film and photography. And I ride a red bicycle.

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